Welcome to Thavakkal Startup LLP

Thavakkal Startup LLP is a Indian company situated in the state of Kerala , Kasaragod district, started in the year of 2021. Mr. Abdulla Kunhi Thavakkal ,the team leader is from an agriculture family who started an Automobile company 10 years back. With the development of technology, he transformed the company to LLP by accepting share from public. He is the focal point of the company. Thavakkal Startup LLP mainly focus on Agriculture, Automobile, Construction, Food products and R&D. Our company offers tech enabled digital services to all these sectors. We emphasize immensely on complying with the Global health, safety and environmental standards for ensuring sustainable growth and development. We offer superior quality of services and do not compromise with health, safety and environment (HSE) principles.

Thavakkal Startup LLP started with the idea of providing employment to more number of people and empowering ordinary business. Our aim is to take over all the works in automobile sector and through experience in our works,transform into an automobile hub in the future.


  •    During 2023-2024, take over 30 acres of land in the name of Thavakkal Startup LLP.
  •    During 2024-2025, setup and operate the infrastructure required for the project and pay dividends as per the terms and conditions for the share holders.
  • Those who are interested in becoming a part of our company, can pay an amount of Rs.1000 at Thavakkal Startup LLP office and receive a token for registering.
  •    After receiving the token for the Partnership, an amount of Rs.1,00,000.00 (one lakh only) for one share can be paid to the Bank Account of Thavakkal Startup LLP by account transfer.

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